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Amount of Fuel to Generate 25 Million BTUs

1 ton of Premium Anthracite Coal

200 gallons of Fuel Oil

300 gallons of Propane

1.8 tons of high quality Wood Pellets

8,325 Kwhr of Electric resistant heat



how much money can I save?

If I am heating with fuel oil and use 600 gallons in a normal winter, how much money can I save by switching to Reading anthracite coal?

Assume the cost of fuel oil is $2.00/gal. The cost of Reading coal is $250/ton (bulk) or $300/ton (bagged)

1 ton of Reading coal produces the same amount of BTUs as 200 gal. oil, so you would use 3 tons of Reading coal in a normal winter to replace the 600 gallons of fuel oil.

3 tons BULK coal @ $250/ton = $750 per winter

3 tons BAGGED coal @ $300/ton = $900 per winter

600 gal. oil @ $2/gal = $1,200 per winter

You would save $450 using BULK anthracite per winter.  You would save $300 using BAGGED anthracite per winter