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Power Pac

Battery Backup

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Power Pac Features

Provides the Power Needed to Keep the Stove's Feeder and Fan Running During a Power Outage


compatible with all stove models

  • Reading Stoves, Keystoker Stoves, Keystoker Koker Lite
    • Power Pac Model: PPU 750
    • Amp Rating: 7
    • Hours: 10-20
    • Price: $330*
  • Keystoker Koker
    • Power Pac Model: PPU 1001
    • Amp Rating: 10
    • Hours: 5-10
    • Price: $400*

*Price does not include battery. Battery must be supplied by homeowner. See below for specifications.

easy to use

  • Uses a Marine/Deep Cycle/Trolling type of battery that can be purchased at Wal-Mart
  • Plug the Power Pac into the Wall Outlet and the Stove
  • When a Power Failure is Detected, the Power Pac will Automatically Switch to Inverter Mode and Provide Power to the Stove
  • When Power is Restored, the Power Pac will Switch Back to House Current, go into Standby Mode, and Start to Recharge the Battery so it will be Ready for the Next Outage.


Battery Case
Enclosed plastic Marine Battery container with vents. It protects against acid leakage, and accidental contact with battery terminals by children, pets, etc.

Battery information
(Battery to be supplied by homeowner)
A Marine / Deep Cycle / Trolling type battery is to be used because it is designed to be discharged at a steady, slow rate to a lower level than a regular automotive battery. Marine batteries are also designed to be slow charged and discharged many times without damage.

Example battery that can be purchased:
Marine / Ever Start / Deep Cycle / Trolling battery
Part # 27DC-6
Amp Hours = 115
Reserve Capacity = 160 min.