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The Juniata RSFD-10 Model - Coal Heating Stoves

The Juniata


Juniata is ideal for basements, workshops, garages and cabins. The Juniata can be used in a variety of home heating applications. The patented Tri-Burner stoker system is easy to use, reliable, and constructed to exacting standards and is fully automatic.



  • Top Blower Port for Duct Work
  • Large Multi-Day Ash Pan
  • Fully Automatic Thermostat
  • 150 lb Multi-Day Coal Hopper
  • Simple, Reliable, and Sturdy Design
  • 4/1 Warranty (4 Year Body/1 Year Electrical)
  • 6 X 12 Rectangular Stand


  • Direct Vent
  • Top or Bottom Venting
  • 6" or 8" Round


BTU Range: 85,000
Sq. Ft. Heat Capacity:1800-2500 sq. ft.
Fuel: Anthracite Rice or Buck Coal
Blower Size: 455 CFM Standard
Flue Size: 6"
Weight: 310 lbs.
Height: 43" (including stack)
Width: 25"
Depth: 39-1/2" (including hopper)


Clearance To Combustibles

Rear To Hopper: 6"
Side: 18"
Front: 16"
Pipe To Wall: 18"