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R-Line Stove Models

Keystoker is now making Reading Stove Models




  • Large Multi-Day Ash Pan
  • Fully Automatic Thermostat
  • Simple, Reliable, and Sturdy Design
  • Wide View Door
  • 4/1 Warranty
    (4 Year Body/1 Year Electrical)


  • Top Blower Port for Duct Work
  • Large Multi-Day Ash Pan
  • Fully Automatic Thermostat
  • 150 lb Multi-Day Coal Hopper
  • 4/1 Warranty
    (4 Year Body/1 Year Electrical)



  • Internal Plenum Heat Exchange
  • 1460 CFM Blower
  • Easy to Operate Set-Once Stoker
  • Fully Automatic Thermostat
  • Large Furnace Door and Ash Pan
  • Simple, Reliable, and Sturdy Design
  • 4/1 Warranty
  • 250 lb Coal Hopper


  • A classic, stylish, Hand Fired Natural Draft stove
  • Simple, Reliable & Sturdy Design
  • Easy to Operate Grate System
  • Wide Fire View Door
  • 12 Hours of Unattended Burn
  • Natural Draft – No Electric Needed
  • 4/1 Warranty
  • Hopper


Keystoker Stove Models


Keystoker Koker Furnace

  • High Capacity
  • Ideal for older homes that require a high amount of heat
  • Can be tied into existing hot air systems
fireplace insert.jpg

koker lite

  • 105,000 BTU Mini Furnace
  • Fully Automatic
  • Top or Rear Vent
  • Patented Flat Grate Design
  • Patented Built in Heat Exchanger Cools the Exhaust Air System

fireplace insert.jpg

fireplace insert

  • No electricity needed
  • Airtight design can burn up to 30 hours
  • Rated 70K BTU (90K model available)
  • Large glass door
  • Removable baffle
  • External shaker
  • Automatic bi-metal thermostat
  • 5 year limited warranty

keystoker 90/105 stoker stove

  • Two Models Available - 90K or 105K BTU
  • High Efficiency
  • Built in Heat Exchanger
  • Flate Grate Stoker Design


keystoker hearth 90 and ZC 60

  • Hearth Model - 90K BTU
  • ZC 60 Model - 60K BTU
  • Constructed of Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Cast Iron Grates & Doors
  • Heat & Efficiency of a Forced Air Furnace with the Ambiance of a Warm Fireplace

automatic coal-fired boiler

  • Steam or hot water boiler
  • Sizes from 85,000 BTU to 528,000 BTU
  • Dual fuel – coal and oil boiler
  • Convenience of oil firing with economy of anthracite coal
  • Easily switch from stoker to oil firing

warm air furnace

  • Built to delivery maximum heat
  • Fivesizes available ranging from 125K to 450K BTU
  • Sealed ash pit assures clean, dust-free operation
  • Fiber glass air filters can be easily cleaned or replaced
  • Optional stainless steel hot water coil is available

Additional automatic and hand fed Keystoker stove models are available