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Bulk Coal

Storage Ideas & Delivery

Switch to BULK (loose) coal and save $50/ton over Bagged Coal.

The density of bulk anthracite coal is 60 lbs per cubic foot. One gallon equals 0.133 cubic feet.

Wooden Box

4' high x 4' wide x 4' long wooden box would hold 64 cubic feet or 3,840 lbs of Rice coal. That is 1.92 tons of coal, so this size box could hold 1.5 tons, with room to spare.

Plastic or Metal Tote

One 250 gallon tote would easily hold 1 ton of rice coal

250 gallon totes are available from Tarr's Supply Yard at 1478 Jefferson Ave in Washington, PA. Contact them at 724-225-8900 (Last price reported was $50 each).

55 Gallon Drum

One 55 gallon drum would hold approximately 400 lbs of rice coal. You would need 5 drums to hold a ton of coal.



Ask your local yard if they can deliver bulk coal; if so, they can auger it directly into bins, boxes, or whatever storage method you are using. Normally the cost of bulk coal and its delivery is less than the cost of bagged coal. Additionally, the bulk coal is a much drier product than the bagged coal

In the Washington area, Ed's Hauling is equipped with an auger system and they can deliver rice coal from the Russell Brothers' Yard directly into your storage system. Contact Ed's Hauling at 724-249-3814 to request a price quote for delivery.