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The Susquehanna RSDB-06 Model - Coal Heating Stoves

The Susquehanna


Susquehanna is ideal for large homes, garages and workshops. This furnace is designed to be connected directly into duct work. The large hopper and ash pan will allow you to set the unit to burn up to 3 days, without the worry of refueling. The patented Tri-Burner efficiency stoker system is easy to use, reliable, and constructed to exacting standards and is fully automatic.



  • Internal Plenum Heat Exchange
  • 1460 CFM Blower
  • Easy to Operate Set-Once Stoker
  • Fully Automatic Thermostat
  • Large Furnace Door and Ash Pan
  • Simple, Reliable, and Sturdy Design
  • 4/1 Warranty
  • 250 lb Coal Hopper




BTU Range: 20,000 - 170,000
Sq. Ft. Heat Capacity: 3,600 sq. ft.
Fuel: Anthracite Rice or Buck Coal
Flue Size: 8"
Weight: 525 lbs.
Height: 51" (including stack)
Width: 31"
Depth: 44" (including hopper)


Clearance To Combustibles

Rear To Hopper: 6"
Side: 22"
Front: 18"
Pipe To Wall: 18"